Uproar concert. Avenged sevenfold (Taken with picplz.)

Uproar concert. Avenged sevenfold (Taken with picplz.)

Photo of the Day: Julio Lugo slides into home in the 19th inning of the Pirates-Braves game. Lugo was obviously out but home plate umpire Jerry Meals calls him safe to end the game. 

Photo of the Day: Julio Lugo slides into home in the 19th inning of the Pirates-Braves game. Lugo was obviously out but home plate umpire Jerry Meals calls him safe to end the game. 

McCann’s injury did lead the Braves to acquire Wil Nieves from the Brewers in exchange for $1. They have agreed to pay the approximate $130,000 Nieves is owed over the remainder of the season.

Mark Bowman, mlb.com writer for the Atlanta Braves. Seriously? one dollar? lol. 

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.

Colossians 1:13-14

President Obama during this Debt Crisis speech last night. 

President Obama during this Debt Crisis speech last night. 

Nashville here we come!!

This past week was very busy!! but it had a very good ending as i took a trip to Nashville to see one of my best friends get married. 


i will have to say, this was one of the more busier weeks i have ever had at BlueWave. Anthony was on vacation which left just me and Jon in the office on our team. Last Monday I started off my day by going to Concept Sports to assist with lingering issues with the Exchange migration. There were a few people who needed their personal folders moved to their new Exchange account and have the old pop account removed. After i finished there i met Michael Kingsley over at Northside United Methodist Church, one of our new clients, to do asset management. This was one of the biggest churches i have ever been in!! They had over 50 workstations and they were all spread out over the whole church. i spent the rest of my day before going back to the office briefly before heading home. Tuesday I was in Adairsville like i normally am. Wednesday I had to drive up to Brenwood Academy in Canton and replace Bettina’s old HD with a new one and rebuild her system. Everything went smoothly for the most part, the one bump i hit was i could not get the old HD to be recognized on the new computer. My team lead told me to connect it to my Mac. I did that and then i was able to see the data and migrate it. I met Cary for lunch then returned to the office. Thursday i was in Adairsville again. Then Friday i had to go back out of Adairsville because there was a power outage and Jim’s computer could not boot up. I ended up having to replace his computer as well. So it was a busy week with a lot of traveling!! 

Danielle comes to Town

Danielle made her first trip to Atlanta to visit me last Friday and stayed for the whole weekend. Friday night i picked up her from the airport around 9 pm and then we went to Atlantic Station to eat dinner. We took a short walk together before i took her to Amy Newcomb’s house for her to stay.

Going to Nashville and the McKinney Wedding 

I picked Danielle up and we headed up to Nashville. We made really good time getting there in about 3 and a half hours. We had some time to kill so we stopped at the Gospel Advocate bookstore. She had never heard of the GA before so i knew this would be a treat for her because she loves bookstores! We stayed there for close to an hour before making our selections and checking out. I got three books: The annual GA Companion book with studies for each quarter of the next year, a book by Phil Sanders about postmodernism in the church, and a book by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons about Dinosaurs. After this we left to go to Gallatin for the wedding. Funny story: i forgot where Gallatin was. When i was thinking Gallatin i was actually thinking of Gallatin Pike which is in Nashville. Gallatin, the town, is about 45 minutes away from Nashville. So we had to book it to Gallatin and find a place to change. Luckily we made it about 15 minutes before the wedding started. The wedding was beautiful…..and little humorous. James and his groomsmen came walking down to the Indiana Jones theme music. James and Kathleen wrote their own vows which was awesome!! The ceremony was not very long at all but it was very good. Afterwards James had a slideshow he put together for pix of him and kathleen growing up and as a couple. In James section was two pictures of me…..and one from my graduation with James, Cameron, and my mom. Very touching!! The reception was good and i got to talk to James. it was good seeing him. 

Night on the town

That night Danielle and I went out on the town!! We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then walked up and down the strip. We went into a couple of bars to listen to the music, then we ended up at Wanna B’s Karaoke bar. That was fun!! we spent a lot of time in there listening to people make fools of themselves…..and guess what? i went up there as well and sang Devil Went Down to Georgia. I have a video of it that I will post on there later. It was funny!! Overall we had a lot of fun and it was good to be back in Nashville. I have missed it since I left back in 2008.

Back to Reality 

That morning we drove back to Atlanta. We got back just in time to get to go to church at Piedmont. Danielle got to meet some of my friends and hear a sermon from Neil. Afterwards we ate at Cheeseburger Bobby’s and then went to see Captain America! I will do a movie review on that later in the week so stayed tuned.  As fun as the weekend was, it ended pretty quickly. Monday morning i took Danielle back to the airport. I was really sad when she left but I will be flying to Houston in Sept so I will see her again!! I can’t wait!! 

New Android Phone from Motorola

May have to wait a little longer for this one……we will see. 

His bird baths have been known to attract bald eagles

Quote of the Day: The most Interesting Man in the World

Photo of the Day: Minnesota citizens stand outside the closed DMV building as the longest government shutdown continues in MN. An end could be coming soon. 

Photo of the Day: Minnesota citizens stand outside the closed DMV building as the longest government shutdown continues in MN. An end could be coming soon. 

All Stars, Soccer, and Labor pains

Ahh, my favorite topic……SPORTS!!! This past week has been an good one and we will start right away with some baseball:

Showdown in the Desert

The Midsummer Classic in baseball took place last week as the American League stood toe to toe with the National League. The NL won its first all-star game last year since 1996 on a Brian McCann 3-RBI double late in the game. The American League all-star team showed dominate power in their line up but the National League had dominate pitching. The Braves send 5 all-stars to the dance: Brian McCann (starting catcher), Jair Jurrjens, Craig Kimbrel, Johnny Venters, and Chipper Jones (surgery, did not play). McCann went 0-2 but drill a good ball that ended up being foul and the Braves pitchers threw 2-2/3 innings of shut out ball combine. The AL got an early lead on an Adrian Gonzalez homer but the NL answered right back with a 3-run bomb from big Prince Fielder. The NL would score a few more runs and win the game 5-1!! They now have won twice in a row and the NL has home field advantage in the World Series later in October. The day before the game was the Home Run Derby: Adrian Gonzalez and Robinson Cano put on a show in the game!! Cano ended up edging Gonzalez to win the event. The nice story about this was that Cano had his dad, Jose Cano, pitching to him in the event. Very touching!! 

The Force is with you…….Solo 

U.S. Women

I am not a huge soccer fan, but when the US is showing how great we are in sports….i pay attention. The US Woman’s Soccer team did our country proud by appearing in the FIFA World Cup finals for the first time in 12 years and what an exciting game it was!! The US scored first in regulation but he Japan evened the score and sent the game into overtime. In OT, both teams scored goals and even in a tie that sent the game into penalty shootout. Japan won the shoot out 3-1 to take the World Cup. It was a heartbreaking loss but our girls played great and the game could of honestly went either way. It seems like to me in the last ten years the womans and mens soccer teams are making noise in the FIFA World Cup tournaments. Its only a matter of time before we bring one of those things home!! Good job girls!! and guys…….what do you think of Hope Solo??? She won the golden glove for the best keeper in the tournament and the Bronze ball for the third  best player…..and is pretty good looking too ;)

NFL lockout…..Day 126

We are getting close guys…….i can hear the Monday Night Football music. The deal is so close…..the only thing that stands in the middle is the antitrust lawsuit that is in court right now. The owners and players are working frantically to get this done so that they can get the players to vote on it tomorrow and perhaps, barring any snags, end the lockout on Friday….thats right…..i said END the lockout!! When this lockout began i was very disappoint because both sides were so far apart with no middle ground and the season looked bleak for me….but now… I am excited!! The Falcons are looking to have one of the most explosive offensives with the addition of Julio Jones. The defense will be upgraded through free agency which will hopefully open next week. I am sure that Arthur Blank has checks already made out, just looking for the time to open so he can sign them and put the amount in. It is looking like we will have some NFL this year!!!

Other sports notes:

The Atlanta Braves are on a roll!! They have won a bunch of games and are really starting to click. its about time too. They have the second best record in the NL and just trail the Phillies by 2.5 games coming into today. The NBA went ahead and released its schedule for next season though the players are currently in a lockout with no end in sight. Georgia Tech was placed on 4 years probation last week by the NCAA for covering up an incident where a former player gave a current player money. They had to forfeit their 2009 ACC Championship. LSU was placed on a 1 year probation but with no postseason consequences for unethical conduct by a former assistant coach. And can you believe this? The Pirates are in the first place….yes the Pittusburgh Pirates! 

Photo of the Day: in honor of the new Harry Potter movie that came out this weekend which i saw and so should you!!

Photo of the Day: in honor of the new Harry Potter movie that came out this weekend which i saw and so should you!!